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Dec 5, 2013 5:30am PST
countries should abide by the agreements between the teaching painting and us president barack obama earlier the shia on constructing a new type of relationship between the two countries. nato secretary general anders full rosters and says the u s afghan security pact could be signed by representatives of the afghan government and not necessarily by the karzai the security pact will allow all thousands of coalition troops to stay in the country after twenty fourteen. rice's his comments followed talks with two afghan envoys at nato's brussels headquarters of an afghan foreign ministry spokesman says it's not it's for karzai to determine whether the bilateral security agreement will be signed between the two nations. any presidential war minister elect. it's something that. it is. within the authority of the president of afghanistan and the afghan government win. take action based on discrimination to the present and to make this trip back so in other words it's up to the president of pants. to determine where there. a security agreement will be signed at a presidential level four. the differ
Dec 10, 2013 5:30am PST
apparently no sewing yesterday us president barrack obama but despite that despite the meme and since us state of this occasion of the fact that the country is in mourning it does appear that this weather is affecting the number someone and give us a sense i mean just the fact the us so many heads of state indignant resulting this is a lot has gone the ration of this many number of heads of state outside of the united nations i mean it must be logistical nightmare us give us a sense of the security detail is the button clicks. the new lights i when we arrived. i'm so to sum it all takes a call last night. it seems fairly common if a weak one. but then for the wellington early in the morning of the security logistical preparations kicked in and week we've had a patrolling police cars not just around so what are you not just around the affinity stating that throughout the whole of janice died. um we fed the hotel bookings. in some of the three hotels in and around sense in the financial district have been canceled for guests to amend to be saying that because a hundred plus heads of sta
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2